Digitally Mature Organizations Experience >5% Growth Year-Over-Year.

How do you compare?

For an organization in nascent stages of digital transformation, strategies are operational in nature. In digitally mature organizations, strategic investments are focused on transforming business through improved customer experience, operational efficiencies and shifts in a business model.

We categorize businesses into the 6 stages of digital maturity:

  • Pre-Natal: It’s business as usual for you. Your organization operates with a familiar legacy perspective of customers, processes, metrics, business models and technology believing that it remains a solution to digital relevance.
  • Infant: You are Present and Active. Pockets of experimentation are driving digital literacy & creativity albeit disparately, throughout the organization while aiming to amplify specific processes and touchpoints.
  • Child:  You have a Formalized Digital Transformation Process. Experimentation is intentional, while execution has become more promising and capable. Initiatives have become bolder, and as a result, change agents seek executive support for new resources and technology.
  • Teenager: You are a Strategic Player.  Individual groups recognize the strength in collaboration as their research, work and shared insights contribute to new strategic roadmaps that plan for digital transformation ownership, efforts and investments.
  • Adult: Your DX Process has Converged. A dedicated digital transformation team is leading strategy and operations based on business and customer-centric roles. The new infrastructure of the organization takes shape as roles, expertise, models, processes, and systems to support transformation are solidified.
  • Sage: You are Innovative & Adaptive. Digital transformation becomes a way of business as executives realize that change is constant. A new ecosystem is established to identify and act upon technology & market trend, in a pilot and eventually at the scope.

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